Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Query frae a reader.

This isnae Bit Thrie, but raither an anser til a wee query frae yin o' oor mair sharp eyed readers, or shud that be mair pernickety. She points oot that there isnae any pinguins in the Narthern Hemisphere, an that they awl live by the South Pole. This is, tae be sure, the case - but the auld smart erse didnae notice that Willie McIlveen was referin' tae pInguins, nae the Inglis wurd pEnguins. Thus he was dealin' wi the lesser well knawn member of the pinguin family - the Giant Auk - (Latin pinguinus impennis). Theseuns are kin til the ones doon in the south and, efter all, we are talkin' aboot a wile lang time thence. In fact you cud say that oor reader has helped us oot a bit, fur she's shewed us that yon Ulster Scots pinguins even colonised doon in the Antiarctic. And if she disnae believe me, she can luk it up.


Anonymous said...

This Blog has been brought to the attention of Freedom Webwatch at South Armagh Wimmin's Free College of Wimmin, South Armagh. We are concerned that it may denegrate wimmin and the wider republican community . It is noticeable that the role of wimmin in both the time of DINOSAURS!!! and the Ice age has not been addressed. We believe this blog to be a propaganda tool of the British regime in the Occupied Six Counties Statelet North of Ireland and will be watching it carefully.
You have been warned.

Professor Anne Foe-Black.
Lecturer in Wimmin's Peacefulness
Dept of Republican Wimmin

Herr Doktor Otto von Menzies of thon ilk said...

Vee too vill be vatching zis blog vith great interest. Vee regard it as ein important step in recreating the ancient volkgemeinschaft of GrossPrussia-Dalriada. It ist time to rekindle the friendships established when thon volk hero Major Fred Crawford came to visit us and vee gave him a few guns to defend Dalriada.

Vee see sinsister undertones of unvelkomm feminism in zis Anne Foe-Black and vill be establishing a kuturkampf kommission to establish her right to post on zis blog. Be warned - ze might of reawakening Prussia is vatching YOU!!

Count Otto von Menzies of thon Ilk