Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Video Gamin Bit Twa.


Afore we git oantae the big news fur the week thars bin quare crack in the Tele o'er the heid o' oor wee article. Ah wus a bit taken aback by the fak thit they printed it at awl, and nat sae keen oan thar introduction an' heidline. Fur yin thing, they didnae address messel as Professor, an' saimed til imply thit we micht be some kine o' cod thing, rather than the tap Ulster Scots histerical, campaignin' an' infermation portal. They alsae referred tae Nelson as the "Culchie" minister, even though the Minister fur the culchies is Michelle Gildernew.

A few o' the comments hiv bin interestin'. Ah'm debatin' whether oor nat tae join in messel.

Video Gamin.....

A wheen o' weeks ago we announce thit the Carrickfergus based computer games company Micrasaft hid broke the mould wi the launch o' thar new game - Flute Hero. At the time we hinted thit there wus o'er games in development an' taenicht ah kin brake the news thit "Lambeg Idol" will be released across mid-Ulster sometime in the nixt lock o' days.
With a full celebrity endoresement frae Simon Caul, the game allows ye til either jist hiv a rattle o' the canes in the arcade style or embark oan' a complex career mode. This option allows ye til wurk yer way roun' minor parades an' practices before buildin' up til the big yin - the Markethill drummin' match.Ye kin alsae customise yer drum frae a range o' pictures, an' the delux version includes a complex cane attachment fur yer Wee remotes. Afore ye know it, yi'll be batterin' yer way frae Drumnavaddy til Donaghcloney.
O'er matters: Yin, the Pole
The pole appears fur tae be comin' doon til a straight ficht betwain Ballyhalbert an' Newbuildings. Both towns hiv thar sellin' points, an' it micht be wurth pausin' fur til consider which yin cud take Ulster forward in the UK city o' culture competition.
Newbuildings -

  • his mair flegs per heid of population thin anywhere in Western Europe

  • his a Long's supermarket wi' a phone box ootside.

  • his yin o' the maist original placenames o' awl time

  • his an MOT centre
Ballyhalbert -

  • is oan the Ards, fur gawds sake.

  • his a new shap oan the road til Greyabbey

  • his its placename in Ulster Scots

  • is direckly betwain Portavogie an' Ballywalter
It is fur youse tae decide which yin o' these features wud maist influence the judges. Ah reckon thit the presence o' an MOT centre micht swing it fur Newbuildings.
O'er matters: Twa, advice til a hen
Wud somebody plaise tell the fat lass that I saw in Smyth's chip shap oan the Cregagh road this evenin' thit hivin' a tattoo oan each ankle does nat make her intae Angelina Jolie.


Fat Sparrow said...

I voted for Ballinamallard. I have no idea where it is, but I figure that anywhere that people are putting a ball in a mallard is bound to be, at the very least, an interesting place.

eDWARD said...


Old Knudsen said...

Ballymena is the city of 7 towers though its no a city nor does it have said 7 towers it has a culture of lying about itself and shagging sheep keep culture in the bible belt!