Tuesday, 27 April 2010

TUV's David Vance - Exlusive Interview.*

Ah hid nathin til dae this afternoon sae ah lukked at the interweb an' foun' that Davey Vance frae the TUV was goantae be chattin' til folk oan the Newsletter. A therefower putt a few pertintent questions til the mawn in the hape o sheddin' some licht oan TUV palicies til Ulster Scots. Ah hive reproduced them fur ye belaw.

Billy - Davey, fur why hiv ye nat transtlated yer Manifesto intil the hamely tongue? The Shinners translated theirs intil the Free State Tongue.
Davey - Nae answer
Billy - Ah thunk ye were answerin' the questions in the order they arrived Newsletter boys?
Davey - Nae answer
Billy - "Since Pork or Beef?" got through ah shall repeat ma question - Shud the TUV nat hiv translated its manifesto intil Ulster Scots given that the Shinn Fein did theirs intil Irish? Particularly since it is a requirement fur goverment departments til translate things.
Davey - Nae Answer
Billy - "Ulster Scots questions ignored by Newsletter" will make an interestin heidline.
Davey - TUV manifesto is in English since everyone here speaks English. Had we resources to empower other languages we naturally would do so. Lots of questions here so sorry if you thinknI was ignoring you!!!
Billy - Point tuk Davey, but a wudnae be tae sure thit everyone spakes English.
Davey - OK Billy
Billy - If ah cud come back til ye oan the Hamely Tongue Manifesto - goverment departments hiv til translate things at a great cost til themselves an' the tax payers, surely it is oany richt thit the parties thit demand thy'on shud hiv til dae likewise, thus incurrin' a cost, or dae ye nat agree with tax funded translations..
Davey - Nae answer
Billy - Cheers Davey, best o' luck til whoever wins. At this moment in time yis are the biggest Unionist Party in ma poll anyhow. Though "cannae be arsed" is daein' well along wi' the Shinners. But they prabably cheat.
Davey - Thanks Billy , best to you.

If oany other paliticians want til be interviewed, gis a shout oan 1690anallthon@gmail.com

Nathin' much happening o'erwise. Somethin' til dae wil posters in Aist Antrim. Thats yis up til date.

*Exlusive in the sense thit it wus oan the Newsletter live web chat an other folk were oan tae.


Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Incidentally - Blogger is playin' silly buggers an' ah cannae get the formattin' richt. Sarry aboot thy'on.

Alsae - if ye dae an image searc fur David Vance, make sure ye stick TUV after it, otherwise yer in fur a shack.

Guest said...

I was on that myself. Thought that was you. He seems quite sensible, if that word can be used about the TUV.

I was Guest btw.

Fat Sparrow said...

I prefer the Google search of "David Vance" without the "TUV" included.

Anonymous said...

Sparrow, I got the shock of my life when I did that search you suggested. TUV men with 6-packs in their undies? never!

Manuel said...

Davey Vance eh...as this isn't my blog I shall howl my wisht...but he a [insert rude word] and no mistake...I hope he loses his deposit...heh

Fat Sparrow said...

WL, that was Billy that suggested it. Being a modest, married lady and all, I certainly would never have thought of such a thing.