Friday, 24 June 2011

Incontinental Airlines

As tends til happen frae time til time Ah hivnae writ tae much o' late, but this is oany because nat tae much has been happenin' roun' an' aboot. There his bin the annual "Aist Belfast Crass Community Field Sports" (sponsored by Buckfast Tanic Wine) an' somethin' aboot schools, but Ah dinnae pay paid much heid til such regular shenanigans. Insteid ma eye was drew by a wee video posted by yin o' ma mair metrapalitan, an' indaid metrasexual, facebuk chums. This purported til be a "Welcome til Belfast" thing shewed til folk arrivin' frae the America on the Incontinental Airlines, but lukkin' at it Ah immedietly twigged that it was missin' oot oan some o' the mair idiosyncratic qualities o' oor wee land. Hence Ah gat oantil themuns in the America, an hiv bin commissioned fur til rewurk the fillum, an' am rasionably proud fur til present it til yis here.

Incidentally if any o' yis ken o' any video saftware o'er than Windows Movie Maker thit Ah can download fur nathin' let me ken, fur it is really startin til pish me aff.


Cynic said...

I alwaiys wundereed whare they got that airline food frum and now I hae seen this I'm no that impressed

Cynic said...

Mae I abject tae your disgustin "Arsembly" list on this site. This is a true shackin development that demeans our weemin by the ommission o' our Arlene fra contention. A finer pair ah hips and derrier never graced the back end o' an Ulsterwomin.

Built fur comfort nae fur speed shuld be our motto

Anonymous said...