Friday, 10 April 2009

Bit Ten - The Iron Ages

Taenicht is a wee bit complicated. Ah hid intended fur a lengthy discussion o'er the heid o the Iron Ages but have tae admit that ah cannae be arsed.

Ah am fur goin' oan ma hallydays tae the Coasta del Ards fur yin week. When ah git hame ah'll try an' rectify the lack o' postin.

A hiv tae say that whit attracted me tae the Ards was this magnificant Tourist site. We fairly knae how tae sell oorselves roun' here.


kingofit said...

Local historians now believe the great maon didnae fight a battle rather he had tae settle a dispute over ownership of a ae prize ferret which turned intae a bit of a ding-dong.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ah enjoyed the wee bit oan Dromore, but ah was trubbled oer the heid o' the Irish translation o' the toon's name. A goat oan the elektric telephone tae ma Irish Spakin fren', Phelim O'Malachy na' og O'Breflibhininshibherish Mor. He reckons that it comes frae the very auld Irish "Dumpáil Mor" meanin "Big Dump". He cud be wrang mind, fur, as awl Banbridge fowk knaw, its mair o' a wee dirty hole.