Friday, 12 June 2009

Belfawst Telegraf

Ah hid intended fur a praper histerical update last nicht, lukkin closely at how St Patrick brung Presbyterianism til Ireland, but Wullie McIlveen phoned me til tell me that oor site had gat a wee mention in the Belfawst Telegraf. Nat as guid as gittin' in the Newsletter ah'll grant ye, but welcome nonetheless.

Ah thunk ah wud scan the article an' put it up til save yis buyin' the paper.

Whilst the publicity frae the telegraf man is welcome ah must point oot til him that we arenae a "satirical Ulster Scots website" we are a praper edukational thing, dedicated til revailin' the true histry o' this island. This is somewhit typical o' the shoddy journalism ye find ootside the Newsletter. Ah hiv e-posted til the boy til put him richt.

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