Monday, 29 June 2009

Kultural Laziness

A nummer o' yis hiv bin askin after "Busty Ballymena - When Braid Gurls git Bad" - lukkin' how til fine it. Ah cudnae link tae a site like thy'on, an' a wudnae, o' coorse, knaw how tae git til it, but a dae hiv this yin pictur. Fine lukkin' gurls yil agree.

Nat a real update taenicht fur ah'm tired oot an' hiv tae git til the dacturs in the mornin' tae see if he'll lance a boil. Instied ah'm goin tae cheat by trawlin' youse tube tae find Ulster Scots, an Scots, kultural extravaganzas.

In Twa: A beautiful an' edukational poem. Make sure tae listen the hole way thru.

In Thrie: The History o' Ulster Scots sung by a mentalist.

An' that'll dae fur the noo, ah taul ye ah wis lazy the nicht. Ah shud add, keep yer comments comin' oe'r the heid o' the previous post. Ah'm revisin' fur a big drinkin' session wi' Peter an' Iris in the Stormount bar.

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