Thursday, 4 June 2009

Nathin important.


By the time ye raid this yin o' the sevral mentalists whit stud fur election fur the EEC will hiv tapped the pole. Ah thunk lang an' hard(ish) aboot which candidate ah shud support, an' in the end voted the same way as evrybudy else, the same as ah voted last time. Due tae European fundin' strictions, we at 1690 had til stap gittin' involved in the palitical debate, but ah'm glad now that we did, fur they are awl a bunch o' arses. Supportin yin arse o'er the heid o' anuther wud saim tae be a pointless exercise in arse promotion.

Bit Ten Point Twa - The Irn Ages Agin.

Ah hid intended fur a prolonged examination o' Late Irn Age mythology taenicht, but ma research time wis rent assunder. Instied o' spendin' Wednesday evenin' wi a big book o' histerical things, me an' Missus McWilliams went oot til see a rack concert by Donaghcloney's tap tribute act "Caulplay". Thar version o' 'Yella' is somethin til behold. And 'Fix ye'. And "Viva la Veda".

Thus ah cannae be arsed, except tae say that the Red Branch Knights were clearly an early loyal order who gave doins tae yins frae the Free State, particularly Connacht, who are brock at Rugby til this day.

Ah micht research fur next week, when ah think its Christians, unless ah've furgat an age.


Flake - obviously. Ah'll let the Slider/Poke conundrum run til later. Fur confused Englis Folk - a slider is a slap o' ice cream betwain twa wafers, a poke is a poke.


A apologise fur the nummer o' arses this week.

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