Thursday, 16 July 2009


Portavogie has a festival! Fur ma bruthers at it.

It hasnae a webpage oor the like that ah kin link til, but jist imagine, a festival, in Portavogie.

Instied o' face paintin' they'll hiv road paintin'.

I'm wile pissed aff ah'm in Scotland whin a shud be in Portavogie.


Ah love the Ards penisula.


Fat Sparrow said...

The Spouse Sparrow says he caught crabs in Portavogie.

Get your mind out of the gutter, he was a fisherman there.

Yeah, the hoors down at the docks were dirty mingers.

Anonymous said...

Wise up prof, it would be pish. C´mon down te Spade town and see the Lorgan Show - now THAT´S entertainment, class like, know waat ah meaan? Mid-Ulster Scots is in ser-yus danger of seriously dyin´ out lit-er-ly cos o´ snobs lak yuu who are only inter-sted in culchy gibberish. Ye think ye ar higher than us, but yer nat. Think on an long live bucky !

ellie said...

I spent the 12th weekend down the Ards Penninsula, my parents live in that neck of the woods.
Love to sit in the Quays and watch the fishing boats in Portavogie harbour.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

That's ballicks John, fur Portydown is in mid Ulster an themuns hiv Drumcree an' everythin'.

Accordin' tae ma bruther he hurd a rumour in the chip shap that there wis tae be an Abba tribute bawnd in Portavogie, Kultural meltin' pat that it is.

Ma bruther saims tae hear a lat o' rumours in chip shaps, fur he spens a lat o' time in them.

Anonymous said...

Deer Prafesser McWilliams,
Thurs nathin wrong with chip shaps. In Lorgan, Craigavin an Portydown the chip shap is akin to a kammunitie centir, so it is. So wat yer bruthur gits up ta in chippies is but anothur axpreshun af Mid Ulstur Scats kulchur. He sownds lak a Lorgan man te me.
But te return te yer slur - Ah haf te korrekt ye - we don´t hav ivverythin - we hiv nathin at awl. Ivver since the peece prowsess, yousuns in the "Ulstir Scats Kammyounitty" hav nicked all the cash for the sake of a primativ culchie dialekt an haven´t even spared a thought fir us uns who spake Mid Ulstir Scats - a proud crass-kommyounitty langwidge (which Culchie-spake isunt). Its tyme fir parity of isteam, so it is, coz thah currint situashun is pure cat.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Yiv gat Drumcree!
Fur gawds sake mawn, yiv gat a stawnd aff! Whit wud the folk o' Portavogie giv fur a guid confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Drumcree is awrite fir the attenshun, but headlines downt biy Bucky. Yoo tea-leafed all the monney an our culchural legassey is lef wi naffin. By the way, jus foun a great Ulstir Scats site ye would doo well ta emyoolait:

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Nat sure ah trust them McDonalds.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wuz thinkin mor about the powetriy. Hows about an "Oad te tha Twalf"?

Here´s wun Ah writ masel. Ats called "Palice Brootallaty".

I thought mysel lucky,
Wi me ten glass o Bucky,
Sittin in Lorgin Park.
But tha Rozzirs stole me drink
An nar Ahm in tha clink,
Smokin tha last o´me fegs.

They nivver let me be,
those SS RUC
But soon Ah´ll drown me sarra
Cuz I git me Bru tamarra

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ah must gie Powetry sum thocht.
A competition cud be organised.

"If ye kin keep yer heid whin awl aboot ye are loosin' thars, yi'll be a mawn, ye boy ye."