Monday, 10 August 2009

Video Gamin'

It micht come as a surprise til a lock o' yis oot thar, but thar are a wheen o' media type folk wha regard Ulster Scots as some kindae deid langwidge, oany practised by auld folk an' the illiterate. It gaes wi'oot sayin' thit this is ballix. Even fur bye the panoply o' intellectual hevyweichts thit contribute tae this website, thar is a team o' tap computer folk wurkin' hard at developin' video games thit will bring oor kulture tae both a yunger, better lukkin', an' indaid wurld wide audience.


The Carrickfergus based company Micrasaft hiv put taegither a rake o' games thit imploy the latest in computer things til bring the rich wurld o' the Ulster Scot tae life. They expek a nummer yin hit in the aist Antrim region wi' Flute Hero. Loosely based oan Gitar Hero, this game uses the Nintendae Wee's technology tae allae ye tae play alang wi' some o' the gratest Loyalist tunes o' the last 400 years. It includes auld favourites like the Sash, Derry's Walls, the Sash an' Derry's Walls.


If ye buy the add-on - Parade Idol - ye kin use a unique version o' the Wee's dance mat - the march mat - fur til allow ye tae try tae keep in step alang sum o' Ulster's maist famous routes, includin' Moira, Lisbellaw, Newtownstewart an' that yin thit the Independent Lodge gae tae ivrey year whar naebudy iver luks at them. Extra points are awarded fur Tennants lager consumption befair the haim leg. Kin ye haul a tune oan the upslope in Rathfriland?

The oany disappointin' level is Drumcree, fur the game keeps shuttin' doon.

In development, o' coorse, is a Lambeg version, but the company is hivin' a few teethin' prablems wi' the cuttin' edge goat skin simulation technology.


Crisps fur breakfast by the luks of it.


Anonymous said...

Are thur plans tae develap a baton throwin´vershin af the game as well?

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Endless passibilities. But ah wudnae be tae sure aboot throwin' yer Wee remote aboot indoors.

Fat Sparrow said...

Well, they'll obviously need a celebrity for the second release of "Flute Hero." Maybe Jethro Tull; I am guessing that Zamfir, being a Romanian, would not be such a big hit.

Then again, from the looks of it, "Guitar Hero" is going to need a new celebrity if Steven Tyler keeps going for his tea whilst onstage.

ellie said...

In parade idol do you have a bonus level where you have to play the side drum and keep everyone marching in time as you pass the candy apple?

serendipity a pearson archimaflautist said...

Wouldn't marching in time need to be a random feature of the game, switching on and off without the players having any control over how, when or where it happens, and in some games not happening at all.
Also Beverages rather than candy apples would seem more likely, and surely would have something to do with the marching in time?

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Tae be honest wi yis ladies, ah hiv nae idea whit yer oan aboot. Candy apples, random marchin? Clearly Flute Hero is a game fur men, drunk yins at thit.