Sunday, 6 September 2009

Anti-Free State Google Campaign, agin.

Hoke Oot!

As yi'll awl knaw, we here at 1690 are fur campaignin' agin' the Google folk fur they hiv gat an Irish virgin' o' thar Sarchin' thing but nat yin in Ulster Scots. The main plank o' oor campaign is thit we're goantae hiv' oor ain sarchin' machine. We were fur usin' the comments bit, wi some success ah hiv tae say, but this wisnae a lang term solution, but ah hiv spent maist o' taeday lukkin fur a suitable yoke fur tae use insteid. Thus ah kin proudly announce the launch o' Hoke Oot! - the Ulster Scots Sarch Ingine.

Yer link til Hoke Oot! kin be foun in the wee sidebar bit o' this page. Simply put in yer name sae we knaw who wur gettin back til, type yer query intae the wee box whar it says question, an' click oan Luk! Ah luk it up in a buk an' get back tae when ah git roun' til it. Mrs McWilliams an' messel hiv thoroughly tested it, an' its gat awl the ansers richt sae far.

Ah widnae be in tae much o' a rush fur an anser mind ye, fur ah micht nat hiv me computer turned oan, oor be in praper wurk or whitiver. If ye hiv a complicated query ye micht be better aff puttin' it in the comments thing, fur ah hivnae much room tae type in they'on wee box.

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Manuel said...

a true'll get the newsletter person of the year award for this....