Friday, 25 September 2009

Ballyhalbert: UK City o' Culture Bit Thrie


The face buk thing is unnerway an' gatherin' momentum. There is now 36 folk signed up fur til support us. Accordin' til oor statistatics expert at the Larne School o' Economics, ivry yin o' these folk represents at laist 43 o'er folk - fur example wives, pets, reclusive Aunts an' yins wi' nae interweb. Thy'on mains thit there is approximately a clatter o' folk behine oor campaign.

The success o' which kin be judged by the fak thit wur back in the paper. It's still the Tele, fur the Newsletter hisnae tuk us oan yit, but wur gatherin' notice. Ma ambition is fur til be in the Ulster Scot - the suppliament wi' comes wi' the Newletter the odd time - but ye niver knaw when, sae ye niver buy it. Anyhow, ye kin git it fur nathin' the odd place if ye hing aboot lang enough which saves ye frae buyin the paper.

Ballyhalbert Campaign.

Ah've wurked oot whar wiv bin ga'in wrang. In Bit Yin, ah relied tae heavily oan folksy charm. "Luk at us wi' oor hamely tongue an' swings." ah saimed til be sayin. The mistake ah'd made wus fur tae expect thit judges o' a national cultural competition wud awlready hiv bin fully aware o' the exittin' opportunities available in Ballyhalbert. This I will rectify this evenin'.

Yin: Sport.

Ballyhalbert is famous fur the prowess o' its Sportin' Folk. Amung manies a stadium thit lurks in the village is the Alex Higgins Memorial (even though he isnae deid) Velodrome. Ah hiv tae admit thit thy'on is an unusual name fur the hame groun' o' Ballyhalbert Rangers FC (Played 16, Wun 90). This multi-porpose ampitheatre wis originally erected jist before the 3rd Hame Rule Bill as a marshallin' point fur the local Volunteers, but his since his become synonimouse wi' sport in the Aist Ards region.

Twa - Music

Ballyhalbert Accordian hiv wun prizes far an' wide fur both thar music an' genral uniform turnoot. They are well knawn fur bein the best (passibly oany) Blood an' Thunner Accordian Bawnd in the North, except fur the Corbet. Since 1993 their Bawnd Hall his bin gradually expanded frae its original 23 seater capacity. Fur noo it is yin o' the premier audiotoriums knawn til mawn, frequented frequently by musical folk like Pavorotti, Simon the Bon, an' Wullie Drennan.

Thrie: Media

Ballyhalbert Orange Hall is unrecognizable frae the original construction erected in the village in 1326. The current structure, designed by tap German brutalist architect Hans von Fundiment in 1926, is a purposefully built international media centre, replete wi' phones, fax, an' a wireless - perfectly positionin' Ballyhalbert fur til dail wi awl the attention thit micht come its way frae Belfast (if we win.)

Thy'on ill dae fur the nicht, though ah dae hiv a guid picture o' an Art Gallery an' a nat leaning tower.

Pole -

Reg is yer choice fur tap Hen Boy politician, though ah reckon Catriona his the voice. Ah widnae mine seein' whit a Lady Boy Jeffrey D wud luk like. Ma guess is nat thit much differn.  Ah'm stuck fur a pole taenicht, mainly due tae alcohol imperment. Ah micht think oan yin tamarra.


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Ave neer hocked mi tay reydin thon.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Sorry aboot thy'on. The blog isnae designed fur til make ye boak.