Monday, 28 September 2009


Too tired fur a praper update taenicht. For yin thing ah spent a large part o' the day in high level negotiations fur til promote the City o' Culture campaign by gittin' tap international celebrities fur til support Ballyhalbert. Sae far wiv signed up Nelson Mandela, Rabbie Williams, Samuel L Jackson an' Candy Divine.  Aside frae thy'on ah wud encourage yis awl fur til spread the word oan the facebuk thing, an' ah kin noo unveil oor slogan.....

Ballyhalbert 2015: nat as far tae go tae git crabs as Portavogie.

Ah'm nat mad fur it messel, fur ah fear it sends oot the wrang message, but the consensus saimed til lain in the crab direction.


In a strange omen, yin wi' bodes well fur oor campaign, Wee*Patsy in the 1690 Affice got a tea stain in her cup in the shape o' Norn Iron. Ah thunk yis micht like to see it.

*In earlier versions o' this article, the wurd "Big" wus accidentally used instied o' "Wee". After representations frae Patsy, and the treat o' physical violence, the error his bin addressed. Ah apologise fur any affence caused.


Manuel said...

I failed in my attempt to get the girlfriend to come on a day trip to Ballyhalbery yesterday but she wasn't having it.....or the pig racing in Dundrum either.....went to Ikea instead......sake

Dewi Harries said...

That's Australia in the saucer...."nat as far tae go tae git crabs as Portavogie"...Not quite Professor...

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Australia my arse, its even gat the bit wi' Castlederg an' everythin'

Fat Sparrow said...

Yay, the crabs won out!

One of these day I'll get off my lazy ar... er, resume my previous level of diligence on my blog and get the 17 random people who visit my blog daily behind this fine campaign.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Maybe, but its still nat Australia.

I still reckon oor slogan oany wurks if yer travellin doon the Ards nat up. There can be nae doubt, geographically spakin', thit the crabs in Portavogie are closer if yer oan yer way frae Cloughey.

This is an important point which may, should the judges be sae inclined, completely negate oor slogan.

Ah will hiv tae gae oot wi a big measurin tape.

Bell o' Crossgar said...

Saein' as I lieve in Austrailya, I can confirm the resamblance. Sure look at the Great Austrailyan Bicht between Armagh and Fermanagh. There's nathin til be concarned aboot but. It merely shows that there's a hamely presence doon under. In Australia as in Ulster a great civilisation has been built oot o' a wulderness, surrounded by a hostile ocean.

On anither score, in the licht o' thy'on:

isn't it time that oor brethren across the water demanded parity o' esteem for Ulster-Scots in Western Scotland, vis-a-vis the ither leids they spake there.