Wednesday, 16 September 2009

UK City o' Culture

Brakin News (kindae)

Ah hid a lang post ready fur taenicht (the 17th) but yousuns hiv bin changin the vote. Ah cannae dail wi' the UK city o' culture entry til yis decide betwain Ballyhalbert an Newbuildings. Late rush frae Katesbridge, wha actually his a fair claim, fur its niver aff the wither forecast fur bein' wile hat oor caul.

This is really last nichts post.

Jist a quick yin taenicht fur ah hiv wurk til dae, but luk....

UK City o' Culture forms

Ah hid fur assumed thit thy'on competition wis o'er, but whit ah noo prepose fur til dae is fur til fill these forms oot an sen' them aff til London.

Newbuildin' is in the laid, but ah wish tae Gawd ah'd thunk oan Moneyslane when ah made up the pole. Any thochts oan whit ah shud put in them wud be appreciated, ah cannae rely solely oan the presents o' an MoT centre.


Ma thankins til the cupple o' raiders wha screeded in oan the tele website. But ah dinnae hiv a "scatter gun" approach, Mr Bardsy, this is awl carefully considered.

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