Thursday, 21 January 2010

Accidental New Campaign, an' an o'er random thing.

Ah hold ma hans up an admit that ah got pished the o'er nicht an' in dain' sae accidentally plunged the wurld o' Ulster Scots interwabbin intil ano'er (unsuccessful) campaign. Sittin' at the auld laptap ah thunk til messel, "Billy, ye hot dog ye, whit we naid is ano'er facebuk campaign, this time aimed at makin the hamely tongue the official artificial langwidge o' Norn Iron". Sae ah made it, an' although ah admit it wus maist likely a mistake til gae doon thy'on route, ah'll hiv til fally through (in the non toilet sense).

Why the arse shudny it be?

The Free State his official Tongue, as dus the Wales, but naebudy spakes them. The twa tongues are designed purely til prap up a fictional romantic notion o' nationhood, (sorry Dewi ma boy) based upon a seperation frae the folk next door. "Luk at us" says themuns, "We are official nations fur we hiv mair vowels than ye kin wing a fart at." Now thy'on is an arguement thit ah cud gae fur aside frae yin thing. "Naw "says the Garlic crowd, "Ulster Scots isnae a langwidge, it is merely a dialect, an' a dialect o' the Inglis Tongue at that".

Ballix (agin)

Scots is officially a Germanic langwidge, yin which emerged aroun' the same time as Inglis. Fur quite some time (sae a red in the paper) it existed alangside the Inglis, til James (VI and I) went til Ingland an' gat up hissel. The twa langwidges were distinct an' differn yet sharin' a commin root, a bit like Welshness an' the Free State tongue. Now in them twa nations, a massive sivil service his built up fur til employ twats wha cudnae dae praper degrees, sae faff aroun' translatin' things intae somethin' naebody gies a flyin' fart aboot. Ah demand parity o' stupidity. Folk wha cannae spell hiv an equal richt til jabs, an such.

That's thy'on sorted.

If yer oan facebuk an' wantae join the campaign click oan here.......

O'er random thing.

Ah driv down til Belfast frae Caulraine the o'er day. In da'in sae ah past a road called CLINTY ROAD. Ah wud like fur til advise road service that this road name luks bad if ye havnae gat yer glasses oan.

Naid a pole, fur we havnae hid yin fur ages.

This weeks pole is basesd upon recipe ideas fur yung Kirk's cafe by the lagan.


Fat Sparrow said...

"Folk wha cannae spell hiv an equal richt til jabs, an such."

The Spouse Sparrow will be deeply relieved to hear that.

I'd tell you what my favorite joke for what's on the menu round at Kirk's, but yours is a fairly polite blog.

DoppiaVu said...

Billy - can ah suggest that nat only shud the hamely tongue become the official artificial langwidge, but wi should alsae have somewhere where Ulster Scots is the ainly langwidge spake (like thon Gailtalk in the Free State) Ah wus thinkin o' Dundrod (or Dindrawd, its tradishinal Ulster Scots name), on the basis that no one unnerstawnds anything they spake there anyway.

オテモヤン said...
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not twitter said...

I remember back in the late 60s and early 70 my uncle Duster speaking what is now referred to as Ulster Scots. In fact he couldn't speak any other way. I couldn't understand him for the most part.

In his defence that was the way people spoke then around Ards and the Peninsula. It's amusing to hear that thick twat Shannon try to speak Ulster Scots.

If we're going to have an official language or languages in addition to English I'd like it to be Spanish on the basis that there's no point having an official language that isn't even useful in the country where it's official.

Bell O'Crossgar said...

Round abate Clinty Road, did ye gae past the Sizzlin' Sausage? Ye'll ken it by the anthropormorphacazed sausage on the sign. Great chaw in there altilgether. Thon Ulster fry was sae big it might a bane a nine-county yin.