Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Business Venture


Now that the whole Iris thing has calmed down an' naebudies talkin' aboot it anymair, ah feel able til emerge frae the bar an' return til the interweb. The hole thing came as a bit o' a shack til messel, but a hiv nae doubt that it's awl brock an' that Iris's name will be cleared o' the stain o' aduterousness. In the maintime ah've challenged young Kirk til a duel, durty wee get.


Bein' in hidin' frae the media his its advantages. Ah hiv til admit thit Kirk's git up an' gae attitude is quite inspirational, an' ah tae decided fur til git aff me arse an' luk fur new business opportunities. Thus ah've spent a lat o' the week oan the phone til different DUP advice centres asking whereaboots ah cud git £50K o' start up capital fur a new business adventure. Ah hid high hopes thit young Michelle McIlveen wud make me an affer, (ah wud hiv threw her £5K afterwurds fur her buther) but nae advice his bin fowerthcomin, aside frae whar til stick me business adventure. However ah feel thit ah cud be oantil somethin'. Ah've been examinin' the fine wurk o' ma wee fren at Norn Iron Tees an' reckon there micht be a windae o' opportunity fur a creative boy like messel. Ah dinnae want til gae intil competition in the T shurt market, sae ah'm fur lukkin' at underwear insteid.


Ma yinst cupple o' designs are aimed at the Derry Market.
  • Yin fur the lassies......

  • Cross Community Wear

    Front                                                                             Back

  • An a cupple based oan papular Ulster Foodstuffs.

Ah reckon awl ah naid is an MLA wi a few poun' til spare an' ah'm aff.


Manuel said...

sex with margaret richie is not the answer Billy...

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

She does have large grants.

Fat Sparrow said...

Should not "You are now entering Free Derry" be on the backside of the women's gunties?

Liam said...

I was in Marks and Spencers yesterday and they don't seem to be stocking them yet.

Have you got any sort of distribution deal with major high street retailers yet or is it more of a niche product?

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Liam - Marks wants til putt their ain label oan the back. Ah'm nat fur sellin' oot.

St Michael ma arse.