Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year's Revolution.

A braw new year til awl o' oor raiders. Oor thankins fur yer support in the year past, a year which sae nearly brung Ballyhalbert intil the reckonin' fur glory. A year in which Sammy helt back the tide o' climate change mentalism, a year in which the sad death o' wee Micky Jackson robbed us o' yin o the great Ulster Scots.

But awl years must end or, in my case, drag til a drunken halt amidst broken dreams an' wind. We must ris oorselves up, rearsess oorselves an' move on, an we here at 1690 are nae acception. Ah hiv tae admit thit there wus a loss o' direction here taewards the close o' the year. This wus due til a combination o' alcohol, lack o' internet access an' praper wurk, but nae excuses shud be excepted by the Ulster Scots community. We hiv a duty til propagate things, an' we got cocht up in things beyond oor ken. Ah fur yin hiv til admit thit we hid little chance o' forcin' through Ballyhalbert's claim on UK City o' Culture, nat when Londonderry's in fur it.

As the wurld knaes, or prabably disnae, the Ulster Scot is on a hidin' til nathin' when it comes til political prapaganda, sae we must fine o'er means o' puttin' forward oor case. This realisation forced a crisis meetin' at the 1690 hall, an' we hiv decided fur til relaunch arselves. Nae langer will we tie arselves up in pointless persuits, ragin' agin' the machine that is the pro-Free State Media. Instead we will instigate a subversive internet campaign til promote awl things Ulster, although ah'm nat sure it wus best fur til plan this campaign whilst watchin' the Elvis 1968 Comeback Special an' drinkin' heavily. Frae the noo we relaunch oorselves, unner the same name but with a new slogan, a bit like the Tories, although ah cannae remmer how til fix the sign at the tap o' the site. Ah'll come back til that.

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Manuel said...

happy new year old chap! derry hai wont win, it;s a terrible terrible shite hole....

in other news I've moved back to WDF

delete all other links!

up the hoods.