Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Heath help fur folk

Wi' Hog Flu still rampent aboot these parts, ah thunk ah shud share this hawny advice leaflet wi' yousuns.


Especially important is the naid fur til "wat yer hans in ablow waarm runnin watter an skoosh oan runnie sope."

Nat sure fur why it his til be runnie sope, as opposed til say stiff sope, but ah'm a Professor, nae a dactur.

Nae wurd frae the museum yit, but ah knae ma richts. Freedom o' Information an awl thy'on.


doppiavu said...

Jaipers, that's a wile lock o posts yiv been escreedin' lately. Hiv ye lawst yer jawb?

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Nat yit Doppiavu, these are important matters wha must be bring til the attention o' the wider Ulster Scots Family.

Fat Sparrow said...

Brilliant. The Fledgling Sparrow's Uni has signs up (in the girls' bathrooms, sake!) asking "Have you washed your hands today?"

Today. Not how many times today, but just "today." Clarty buggers.

I may print a few of these off and go stick them round.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Good idea Fat Yin, leave them in public toilets the length an' breadth o' Americay

Anonymous said...

Ah'm jist wile pleased for tae find oot that tha' we hae a wurd for the 'I-pod' in tha Hamely Tung. A "MP3 Yoke' it is fram noo oan.

The NHS: Improvin yer word-hoard *and* yer hi-Jean in yin fell swoop.