Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jeffrey Donaldson is Unwell

Age: About 50 ah reckon
Appearance: smug
Hair: parted
Lapel: fish
Last seen: goin' tae the video shap, prabably.

Furgat about this. In searchin' fur Jeffrey, ah thunk ah'd luk for him oan the auld facebuk. Ah foun' him, an gie him a poke, but he hasnae poked me back yit. Ah alsae foun' this fledglin' group o' concerned citizens.
If ye hiv facebuk, ye shud join......


DoppiaVu said...

Billy he's right in front of ye. He's just so wee ye cannae see'im

Manuel said...

ha, gone to the video shop ...arf

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Still nae sign o' the wee fella.
Ah'm wile concernt that he micht hiv bin wainnapped.