Monday, 19 April 2010

Shinner Water

In ma researchin' over the heid o' thy'on Election ah hid occasion this morning fur til luk at An Phoblact an' rapidly became entranced wi thar shop.

Ah want a battle o' this here.......

Howiver ah wud like til point oot tae the Shinners that the rivers dinnae run free. Fur example the power station at Ballyshannon makes a right mess there an' the Honourable the Irish Society own maist o' the Foyle an' the Bann. Furthermair the Farset is almaist entirely piped unnerneath Belfast.

"Fur a taste o' a United Ireland" my arse, taste o' pish an' raw sewage mair like.

Headline thing on the tap.

Ah cannae wurk this thing. Ah hiv wasted a wile lock o' time faffin' wi' the tap bit an' it still luks brock. Well it luks brock on yin pc an' nat oan the o'er. Ah'm lavin' it fur now.

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