Saturday, 24 April 2010

TUV Election Broadcast - Ulster Scots Translation

Ah hiv til say thit ah wus quite lukkin fairward til the TUV showin', bein', as they are, the maist obvious hame fur an Ulster Scots vote. Howiver when ah sat doon til wurk oan it the source material was lackin' whit ye micht call "oomph" or indaid, any redeemin' qualities whitsoever. Ah hiv dun ma best wi' it, ah hape it enables yis til make a mair informed electoral choice oan things.

David Cameron

The Tory leader his accidentally waded intil the election here and, it wud saim, is an arse. Nat oany does is his face a wee bit like a perfectly formed baby's behind, he his somehow managed til sell the Cunfs doon the river afore the boat wus even afloat. His wee eyes considered Mr Paxman's hard question aboot cuts, an ye cud almaist hear his brain wurkin'.

"Ah knaw whit ah'll dae," he thunk, "Ah'll name the yin part o' the country thit the voters dinnae give a shite aboot." Sittin' wi' ma beer oan the McWilliams estate ah cud almaist hear Sir Reginald swearin' at the TV.

Rapid back trackin' oan the part o' Mr Cameron willnae disguise the fact that if there are major cuts in public funnin' til Norn Iron, this will be reflected in the support fur the Ulster Scots Language a' Culture. An his surname is Cameron, nae shame, ready for change my arse.

Anyhow - TUV

It is nat a DUP broadcast, though ah think they are mentioned mair than the TUV themselves.
Iris is particularly lovely in that picture, her head thrown back, hair flowin'. Lovely Iris, will we ever see yer like agin?


Manuel said...

arf....and there;'s me thinking it would be beyond parody...

[doffs hat in you direction]

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Did me best Manuel, but it was like somethin' ma cat wud hiv shat before ah started. Dull and odorous.

Chocolate apocalypse said...

Wot no subtitles for the marching song at either end?

Did I hear Ulster-Scots with a Düsseldorf accent?

Old Knudsen said...

So what was it they wanted change? well it certainly would be a change with right wing morons in charge. They can say the DUP rolled over but who is in power and who isn't? Ka-Chow!

When will the Real IRA get government jobs to stop them bombing things?

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Indaid Chocolate person - If ye listen carefully it says - Vote TUV nat DUP, oany in German. Ah think.

Soren - ah believe the Real IRA have already gat jobs in the government.

Anonymous said...

HAHA - is that the Horst Wessel song - you evil git. Very funny.

Fat Sparrow said...

Dear god, those were some dour looking people. Could they not have hired out?

I laughed at the "Haven't been to Italy," bit, well done.

Anonymous said...

Ah thocht Horsed Wesley was some kind o' unnatural carry oan, an no a tune.

Ah hae curtainly ne'er hurd thon music oan the Twalth hiraboots.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Indaid Anonymous - it wus a well knain marchin tune o' the 1930s, a place Jim Allister saims fur til inhabit.