Thursday, 6 May 2010

1690 Election Night Ulster Scots Service

Election day is near til over, havin' brung wi' it all the excitement that only a Norn Iron ballox paper can muster. Here in the 1690 Aitch Queue we have established a tap level newroom wi' twa TVs, a wireless an' a computer, makin' this the hub fur all election related news type things.

To that end ah hiv bought a big box o' Tennents an' 4 cans o' red bull, an' reckon if ah kin haul off the drink til the count starts ah shud be able tae bring ye news til aboot 2am. Tae be fair ah micht have a few wee warm up beers about 8 til get me started. Ah wud dae the full count but Mrs McWilliams is fur the MOT in the mornin' an' ah naid til drive her til it.

This page here will therefore be regularly updated wi' interestin' things whit ah hiv occured across the palitical spectrum. Will Gerry haul his narrow majority in West Belfast? Will Sir Reginald unsait Wullie McCrea oot the back o' a pollin' station? Will mysteriously late votin' occur in Fermanagh South Tyrone? Fine oot here furst. Well after the TV anyhow. Ah am alsae developin' an election related drinkin' game til dae wi' it, mair oan which later.

Exit Pole

Ah cunducted an election pole ootside ma polin station. The Alliance gat yin vote. Everybudy else lukked a bit hard sae ah didnae ask them, though ah hid a clipboord an' everythin'. Nat sure whit this revails, perhaps an Alliance landslide in West Tyrone.

Sabbath Wurld.

Apparently oorselves an' oor German counterparts were in the Sabbath Wurld "news" paper twa weeks runnin'. Ma Drumahoe correspondant very kinely sent me oan last week's edition, where they hiv the audacity til describe messel as a "self styled" Scots Professor. Ballix. Ah shall be gettin' oantil them. They alsae described oor videos as "hilarious", slightly, ah feel, missin' their cultural significance. However ah didnae get the previous week's paper, the 23rd oor thereaboots. If any o' yis happen til purchase thy'on paper, an' fur some raison, keep haul o' them (ye micht be interested in the histry o' Irish crimelords) ah wud be fur appreciatin' it if ye let me knaw. Ah cannae sue the arses aff them if ah hivnae read it.

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