Monday, 10 May 2010

Election Over an' things.

As ah'm sure ye are aware, the election is over. That is all that shud be said oan the matter.

Ah hiv til say thit is brung a wile lat o' new folk in oor direction - proof if proof were naided thit there is a wile naid for cultutal an' palitical analists in the Ulster Scots family.  Nat thit any o' them will hing aboot ah'd imagine, sae we'll be back til oorselves again an' thank the Laird fur that. Ah was truly shacked til luk at ma Youse Tube thing til fine that nat only hiv ah bin described oan the Shinner video as an "Orange Bastard" but hiv the noo been calt a "Vile Bigot" by some SDLP woman.

"I vote SDLP - maybe a bit more moderate! But this is NOT a language- seriously!! Its a dialect- nothing more! Whatever sad individual made this video is a vile bigot!- the TUVs pathetic election result is just proof of this outmoded thinking!! Peace :)"

This despite ma categorical support fur wee Margaret an' her folk. This is a bit depressin' ah fail. It is a sad indictement oan oor society at large if ye cannae take the pish oot o' a few palitical broadcasts w'oot bein' slegged aff in such a manner. "Peace :)", ma bigotted Orange bastard arse. Of coorse sleggin' someyin elses culture aff wud saim til putt her intil the bigot category, but ah'll laiv her be.

Ah hiv thus decided fur til rearsess ma entire contribution til the cultural life o' the nation, ma attempts at balanced palitical abuse hiv obviously failed. It wud be easy til describe yer woman as an Arse, she dis saim til imply that ah am somehow in cahoots wi' the TUV. That an' the fact that ma video ootput his thus far bin 5 Unionist yins til yin Shinner. Ah didnae even dae the SDLP yin, though ah will next time.

Ah hiv therefore turned the blog clean Orange til reflect ma new foun' stutus as a bigot, an' will retire til ma estate fur til contemplate whether it is wurth continuin' ma wurk in the face o' such attitudes. Howiver afore ah depart ah wud like til point oot that the North West 200 an' Balmoral Show are roun' the corner, sae its a guid time o' year fur Ulster Scots in genral.


Anonymous said...

Man sur,
dinnae fash yersel' o'er some oul hallion that hasnae a titter o' wit.

Fat Sparrow said...

Oh, now, if you've ever looked at YouTube comments and commenters, you will find that they are the lowest form of life on the planet. Well, pretty close, anyways, I am sure that as long as Dick Cheney is still active (we won't say "alive," because who'd believe that he is?) there are some lower, but don't let them get to you. If these people were able to laugh at themselves, they wouldn't be leaving dumbass comments.

Ad hominem attacks are par for the course with idiots. Carry on with the good work.

Daveboy (no the boxer frae Larne) said...

Dear Professor Billy,

Aw hae tould ye afore; what you're at wae this intertelewireless site is nathan short o a callin'. So dinny be scunnered by doses.

Wae the Peter of leadership comes the Iris of responsibility.

Anonymous said...


I'd like fur tae second the comments supportin' ye, and the impartaint (an' wild funny) endeavour ye hae been engaged in.

Like any yin wi' a a titter o' wit, I really appreciate and enjoy the brave lot af wurk which goes intae yer blog, an' the beautifully balanced and intelligent humour therein.

Please dinnae tak the comments o' a load of po-faced numpties wha wouldnae git the point if it poked them in the face too much tae heart.

As Daveboy so eloquently puts it, please dinnae be scunnered by doses - yer public neids ye. The guid Lord knows, there's deevil all else fae tae bring a smile tae oor faces at the moment.

Keep her lit, big man, keep her lit!