Saturday, 25 September 2010

Unionist Laidership Election

Admittedly it wus a cupple o' days ago, but Ah am supposed fur til comment oan currant affairs oan behalf o' the Ulster Scots academic community, sae ah suppose ah shud gie ma twa pennorth. The UCUNFUUP have elected Tam Elliot as the new laider by some kindae huge margin which Ah cannae mind, despite the early poles suggestin' that Ah wud win by a landslide. Ma ain poor showin' can be putt doon til the fak that they wudnae let me stawn, although Ah note in the Newsletter thit there was yin spoiled vote. Ah can but hope thit some o' yis screeded ma name across the paper, in an act o' rebellion against North Korean style ballot riggin'.

Sae Tam is now at the reins, an must address the key issues thit face the Unionist Party an' the country alike. Nat bein' yin til haul grudges, Ah am willin' til set aside oor differences an' offer ma services til him as some kindae highly paid.tap level adviser. Ah hiv giv the issues some thocht an' list the challenges faced by Tam below, an offer a few wurds o' advice.

Prablem 1: Naebody knows who any o' the UUP folk are: Whilst the DUP hiv characters like Peter, Wullie McCrea, Sammy and Jug Ears, yid be hard pushed fur til pick any o' the UUP folk oot in a line up. Ah can name about three, if pushed, but dinnae know whit they luk like. This shud be urgently addressed by gettin' Mike Nesbitt til make a reality programme featurin' tap Unionists, fur the moment Ah am gien' this pilot the name Celebrity Come Whine wi' Me. The MLA's can have chips an' the like whilst bemoanin' the fact they hiv nae MPs and nae clue how til get out o' the mess.

Prablem 2: The DUP an' Unionist Unity: Peter has already begun chattin' Tam up with a view til pacts an' the like. This must be stapped an' clear blue watter put between the twa parties. Thus the Tory tie up must be scrapped forthwith an' the party shud gae intil an electoral pact wi' the Shinners. This wud put the willies up the DUP, an' the Shinners hiv better lukkin wimmin like Mary Lou an' yer woman Anderson frae Londonderry.

Prablem 3: The Norn Iron Economy: It is clear til all concerned thit the financial situation in this country is ballixed, an' forward thinkin' ideas til address the issues are naided. Ah hiv already suggested thit everyone shud wurk cash in hand an' claim the brew, thus injecting additional spendin' power intil the marketplace. Ah wud further suggest the immediate nationalisation o' the banks through a series o' armed robberies, thus redistributin' the wealth an' further boostin' the high street shapper. Inward investment shud be encouraged by haulin' a big business conference in Aughnacloy an' kidnappin' all the executives o' the foreign companies. They wud oany be released when they pramise til build car factories an the like in Ballywalter. However the economic situation is exasperated by Prablem 4.

Prablem 4: Most people in Norn Iron are arseholes: A cursory glance aroun' yer average high street in Ulster will revail a high proportion o' wankers versus normal folk. These folk can be recognised by their overly complicated Lottery purchases when in front o' ye in the shap, the wearing o' tracksuits an' pyjamas when neither exercisin' or in bed, an' an inability til say anythin' quietly or wi'oot swearin'. This obviously limits the economic potential o' Norn Iron, as even kidnapped foreign businessmen cudnae be arsed employin' such folk. Snatch squads o' heavily armed men shud therefore lift them an' threaten severe violence unless they wise  up, dress right, an' only do three lines on the lottery, no scratchcards or the like.

Prablem 5: The Assault on our national heritage that is the slicin' o' Veda: Ah mentioned this last week. Irwins shud be threatened wi' punitive tax measures unless they stap rapin' the loaf. An' all MLAs shud join oor facebuk group. Mair oan which in a minute.

Prablem 6: The Education System: The 11+ shud be scrapped an' replaced wi' an exam naebody but the most middle class folk can unnerstawn, thus keepin' common children frae uneducated backgrouns oot o' the tap schools. This appears til be unnerway unner Catriona and shud be helt up as an example o' the passibilities o' the aforementioned Shinner/UUP electoral pact. This is a win/win situation, the UUP get to protect their middle class support, an' the Shinners get til make sure thit the workin' class get a shite education, thus conserving their core vote o' stupid folk.

Veda Campaign.

There hiv bin several developments since ah last posted oan this matter. On Monday past the story wus covered in the Newsletter, an Irwins made a written, public commitment that if oor campaign gets 10000 supporters they will revert to unsliced loaf production. They have, however, since shifted the goalposts, by sayin' that this decision will be made only when they get 10000 votes asking for it on their website. Thus Irwins are attemptin' fur til subvert oor campaign intil some kindae marketin' opportunity. We willnae stan' fur this, an' Ah urge an immediete boycott o' all Irwins products til they return til their original promise.

Interestinly the campaign alsae featured oan Talkback, gettin' the backin' o' the lovely Wendy Austin, an his alsae gained political support in the shape o' Dawn Purves. We can alsae reveal that the Newsletter folk know bugger all about poetry, as this picture shows.

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