Thursday, 30 April 2009


Oany a wee post taenicht fur the flyin' o'er tae London is reckin' havock wi' ma drinkin'


Thar wis a wile controversy oe'r the heid o' the weemin an' the pants last week. A nummer o' yis ticked the boax sayin' insultin'' an a few oe'ers screeded intae 1690 tae claim that we hid adapted a sexist pose. Ah want til mak it clear (ish) that we here at 1690 are a cross community Ulster Scots Protestant group, an', as such, hiv nae time fur discerimination oaf oany sort. In fak we hiv sevral weemin wurkin' here at 1690, fur if we didnae, who wud mak oor tay?

Wee Fat Fishwives

Fur yince ah' agree wi' the vote results, the best thing aboot the Ards is indaid the wee fat fowk wha predominate in the aist Ards regin. Thar kin be nae mair frennly fowk than themuns o' Portavogie. Thar specil welcome is best summed up in the colorful designs that they paint in the road, a "must see" fur tourists wurld wide.

Ah hid a wurd wi' Billy McQuillan (o' the South Aist Ards Bible an' Caterin' College) tae see if he cud shed oany licht oan the pecular charm (an' short/fatness) o' the Ards folk. Billy explained that it awl comes doon tae careful selective breedin' by the local inhabitants, insurin' that the wee fat gene remains strang.

Nixt pole-

Which o' these hens daes maist tae cause climate changin'?

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