Monday, 4 May 2009

Visiter Shack

Due tae the fak that 1690 his appeared oan some English boy's website, sumwair approachin' a wheen o' new visiters hiv foun' thar way oantae here. Like the by noo infamos Saubeth Times apprearance, this his maist likely laid til a lat o' confused fowk wha cannae unnerstawn the Ulster Scots Tongue. Tae keep them richt ah will point oot that this bloag is an alcohol fuelled, European funded, non-sectarian Ulster Scots edukational website, written by a team of archaeologits an' histry experts at some o' Ulsters finest akademic institushuns. As such it is writ in the vernacular langwidge, if yer stuck, read it in a Scottish accent an' ye micht get sumawair.

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