Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy New Year

Nat too many folk ootside the Aist Ards area knaw but, like the Chineses, the Ulster Scot his his ain New Year. This o' coorse falls on the yinst o' July as we enter the heicht o' the Marchin' Saison. The Ulster Scots Calender is set frae 1690, when the guid Laird sent his servant King William III til bate the pope at the Battle o' the Boyne, ensurin' that Orangemen cud walk oan the Twelfth. Thus we are the noo cummin' til the end o the year 319 AB an' lukkin forward til a properus 320.

Here at 1690 we hiv noticed that this aspect o' Ulster Scots culture his slipped aff the radar somewhit, an' wid like til revive the traditions an' celebrations associated wi' it. Tae thon end ah hiv included the lyrics tae the traditional festive song - The Twelve Days o' Marchin. If ye want til sing along, ah've included the tune.

Marchin' Song

On the yinst day of Marchin',

ma true love sent til me

A stand aff at Drumcree.

(Etc - ah'm nat gaontae type the hole lat oot, ye git the idea, it gaes oan til the last verse........)

On the twelfth day of Marchin',

ma true love sent til me

Twelve lambegs drumming,

Eleven bonfires burning,

Lord Laird a-leaping,

Nine fat girls dancin’,

Echt residents protestin’,

Seven sticks a-twirlin’,

Sax drumskins bustin’,

Five bluuuuuueeeee baaaaaaaags,

Fower made up flags,

Thrie dodgy burgers,

Twa white gloves,

And a stand aff at Drumcree


Furgat aboot the pole agin. A clear winner fur the Ulster version o' the fry. Ah'm glad til see that Lizzie Fry gat a cupple o' votes, Wulie McIlveen his bin examinin' the fiver, an reckons that he wud rathr hiv her than an Ulster Fry any mornin' but he's a durty auld git.

This weeks pole is based oan the fak thit ah can't think oan anaither yin. Alcohol is involved, thats awl ah'm goantae say.


Anonymous said...

ah cannae belive ye forgot the good village of Muff or perhaps that wis too obvious.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ballicks - yer richt.
An' there's twa Muffs, the yin in Donegal an' its the auld name fur Eglinton.

Ah'm slippin badly.