Monday, 22 June 2009

Brakin News Agin

Sammy's bin promoted. Efter awl his guid wurk puttin' the Enviromentalists back in thar recyclin' boxes its guid til see him git his reward. The wurld may be in the middle o' an economic doonturn, but we here in Norn Iron kin rest aisy now that Sammy's in charge o' the Finance. Ah hiv tae say it is heartenin' tae see the likes o' Sammy an' Edwin takin' charge o' important offices o' state, it shows ye whit hard wurk, intelligence an' political skills will git ye.


Howiver that is nat why ah'm oan, fur oan the undercard tae that story is the news that Nelson McCausland is oor new mawn fur Culture. Ah wud urge raiders tae glance doon an' notice oor postin' o' last week. Ah wudnae want til puff ma' ain flute, but clearly the DUP hiv taken heid o' oor pole. Wi' Nelson an' his unusual beard in charge o' Cultural matters, ah'll be oan the luk oot fur a wee grant, or maybes sum kine o' high flyin' advisin' jab.

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