Wednesday, 17 June 2009

On Line Dacturate

There isnae time fur a full blowed update this week, fur ah'm over tired. Howiver South Aist Ards Bible an' Caterin' College hiv bin in touch aboot thar new e-larning program. Apparnetly Billy McQuillan an' his fella academics hiv bin lukkin' intae coorses an' hiv come tae the conclusion that thars a wile lock o' Celtics study things oot thar but nae equivilant fur the Ulster Scot.

Billy his therefower agreed tae fully accreditise the raidin' o' this website an' turn it intae a PhD. Tae save oan paperwurk awl yiv gat tae dae fur a dacturate is raid this website frae time tae time an' then download this picture. We've left a wee hole fur yer name. Hopefully it'll luk well in a frame beside yer picture o' the Queen.

The main raison fur this is tae help oot awl them archaeologits who arnae called Dactur, fur the Dactur yins saim til think that thar grate an' boss the wee yins aboot. Spakin' as a Professor mesen, ah wid nat let any o' them Dacturs near me wi' a rubber glove, fur they widnae knaw thar arse frae thar nostril.

Howiver it cud alsae come in useful if yer lukkin a joab in the Ballymena branch o' Tescos, or if ye want tae become a commentator oan motorcycle road racin'.

Incidentally, yin o' ma soorces his revailed thit the Norn Iron Civil Service his blacked access tae blogs, includin' this yin. Social netwurkin' sites they call them. Jist as well ah say, fur it wud distract the civil servants from social nat wurkin, listenin' til ipods and starin' blankly at spider solitaire.


This weeks pole is based oan fuid. Agin.


Ah near furgat, themuns at the Ulster Akademic Research + Statistics Executive hiv finally gat roun' til updatin' themsels wi' new nummers.

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