Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Jist a pole fur nathin his occured.


Nathin' his happened this week sae far fur me tae report, exept thit the healthy types in ma wurk giv oot tae me fur hivin' pickled onion Monster Munch fur breakfast. Whit wis ah tae dae? Ah wis oan the road tae early fur the sausage baps tae be ready in the petrol station! Ah believe themuns in wurk tae be wrang, an' thit corn based snacks are an essential part o' a balanced diet. Thus ah hiv added a pole wi a simple aye/naw anser.

Ah hiv included this food groups graphic frae the Hame Economics Dept o' Lisnafiffy Creationist College tae see if it helps yer deliberations.


Aside frae thy'on ah'm glad tae see thit Gary an' Danielle gat thar jist deserts in the last pole. Ah hiv e-screeded the results tae the BBC tae see if they'll take it aff. Incidentally ma BBC contak replied tae the e-screed thit ah mentioned in the comments a wheen o' posts ago. Awl she said wis thit she cudnae be arsed watchin' it hersel.

Fur Sale.

Wi' the new auld car oan the road ah'm stuck wi the aulder auld yin. Dis oanybody want til buy a 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero import wi' 265,000 Kilometres oan it? It his a crack in the windscreen an' the aerial willnae gae doon but thars a fair bit o' towin' left in the auld yoke. Shid dae a boy wi' a few acres an' access tae red diesel fur a lock o' miles yit.

Mad foreign stuff.

Ah jist found this.


Ah made a banner thing fur the tap. Whit dae yis think oan it?
(Think ah naid til luk at it agin. It luks grawnd oan ma laptap, but crap oan ma auld desktap - ah cannae git a hannle oan this IT thing at awl.)


Fat Sparrow said...

I'm sure crisps are fine for breakfast, but to be sure you're getting all your nutrients you should wash it down with beer, just to be on the safe side.

Besides, Bill Cosby justified feeding his kids cake for breakfast ("Dad is great! Feeds us chocolate cake!") as it has eggs, flour, and milk in it, so it was obviously healthy.

That Spanish translation is truly hilarious, it reads much like how the Spouse Sparrow speaks Spanish, "Hey bey, necessito a ride-o!"

Might I have a link, please, sir? I did link to y'all a while back, I just have nicknames for all my blog links.

Wulliam Roabert McGantry said...

Ah wud lean tae the cadbury's crame egg fer breakfast, which contains baith food groups: choaclat AND fondant. If ye stick it in yer bake in yin piece ye can be extracting nutrition from in between yer teeth till taytime

Anonymous said...

I like big baps of a mornin´.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Did ye iver try tae ate a cream egg like ye wud a boiled egg? Ah hivnae, but a micht dae it this lunch time fur tae see whit the healthy wurk folk say.

Wi regards tae big baps in the mornin' I prfer a couple o' paris buns.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ye cannae buy Cream Eggs in oor shap in August, sae ma experiment wi wurk folk will hivtae wait til Easter.