Monday, 17 August 2009

Ye hiv wun tenth prize in a beauty contest.

Yisturday wis a maist interestin' day fur oorselves, wi' a sudden rake o' visitors tae the site. Closer investigation by the IT staff revailed thit wid bin listed on Total Palitics as yin o' the tap ten blogs in Norn Iron. Nummer 10 admittedly, but we wur feelin' richt an' plaised wi' oorselves. As the wurld's fowermaist Ulster Scots interweb thing, yid think we'd be used tae such glamour, but even sae it's nice til be recognised.

Howiver further examination o' the accolade his left us a bit let doon. Fur yin thing, the prize wis gie oot by Total Palitics, whereas 1690 is a Kultural an' Histerical site. If wid bin tap ten oan Total Histerics it wid hiv bin mair appropriate. Then we examined the site itsel'. Turns oot thars oany 24 Norn Iron sites oan it, sae its a wile lat harder tae be ootside the tap twenny than in it.

But nat tae wurry, ye micht say, fur a wile lock o' new folk hiv the noo discovered the hameplace o' Ulster Scots oan the web. It his tae be said thit we hiv bin through such false dawns befair. Generally awl the new folk luk at it yince an' gae back tae Busty Ballymena (When Braid gurls git bad) oor similar. Howiver if oany o' yis dae stay oan ye micht want til raid How til Spake Ulster Scots.


Oan the upside, yin o' the new folk left us a comment wi' the last post, yin which his gie me a braw new advertisin' slogan (up at the tap richt.) It his alsae inspired oor pole fur the week.


Ah've stole the Fleg thing doon the bottom o' the page aff John Henry's site. Interestinly it revails jist how widespread the Ulster Scots diaspora is - takin' in such far flung spats as Kenya, Malaysia, Finland an' the Free State. Nat yin o' these visitors his foun' us by accident ah'm sure, awl o' them are searchin' fur thar Ulster Scots roots.


Fat Sparrow said...

Take heart, mawn, the other blogs on the list bore the tits right off me, and that's saying a bit considering the size of my norks.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Yer right Fat Yin, fur apart frae anythin' else, mair raiders micht interfere wi' oor close knit, slightly in-bred, Ulster Scots community. The o'er sort micht even luk, an' befair ye knaw it, ah'd hiv tae paint ma kerbstains an' they'd be blackin' ma traditional posts.

Old Knudsen said...

I was once init for awards and fame, shortlisted and longlisted on the Irish blogs awards only to fail because I oppressed the other bloggers as is my right under Queen and God.
Norn Iron bloggers do need to pull their finger out as they are very lacking, 1690 an all thon gives me hope for a brighter future, the future is indeed orange.