Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christenmas Decorations

Wurkin oan some special decorations fur tae make the true Ulster Scots tree. if ye print them oantil cardboord they jist micht wurk.

Nummer Yin:
Why buther wi' Canny Sticks, hing bawnsticks the year.....

Nummer Twa:
Furget Ho, Ho, Ho; lets hiv a bit o' festive No, No, No!

Gentleman Jim Allister gits intae the Christenmas Spirit.

Nummer Thrie:
An yin o' his elfs.

Micht think oan a few more, but ah hiv a feelin that ah willnae. Ah hiv a star somewair ah think.

1 comment:

Manuel said...

Poots....tell me you photoshopped that did didn't you? Nobody could be that comical looking outside of a Jim Carey move....