Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nathin' as usual

Bein' busy wi' ma wurk thing, an interactive exhibition designed fur til explore the anals o' the Ulster Scot, ah hivnae time fur an update. In such circumstances ah usually fall back oan a quick trawl in the wurld o' the media.

At yinst ah wus interested in this......

Ah knae yin thing, ah've yit til git oany money aff them, useless bastards, but it isnae the story o' the week, fur this is.........

Now growin' up in the seventies, ah hiv a deep seated fondness fur Mr Shakey, but if ye wur truely lukkin' fame wud ye really git a job fur a Ballymena paper an' try an' get a snap o' Shakin' Stevens? Ah think not, yid be after an exclusive shot fur the Newtownards Chronicle o' Iris Robinson wi' her tap aff ah'd say. Ah hiv sevral in ma private collection, if yer interested.

Finally ah foun' this yin fur wee Davy in the office...


Naid yer help this time, nat sure whit til spen' ma fiver oan.

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