Tuesday, 5 April 2011

DUP Election Broadcast 2011

Ah'm glad til say that the broadcasts are back up an runnin'. The new DUP one was brung til ma attention, an' Ah fully intended fur til provide yis with a high falutin' palitical cammentary. Howiver the action oan screen was tae distractin', sae Ah hiv nae idea whit the boy was witterin' oan aboot in the backgroun'. Anyway, Ah've hid a luk at it, an' hape yis fine it useful in decidin' how til vote.


Turgon said...

May I firstly apologise for posting in a language of utter barbarity.

I note that you cut through the DUP spin and spotted the use of the other sort in an ad by them. However, it was worse: they had candles. What decent upright Ulster Prod of any Presbyterian variety would use candles? My wife does but she is a Fermanagh Methodist and hence, neither a proper Ulster Scot nor even a Calvinist.

Whilst such is to be expected from some of our weaker brethren surely the DUP should adhere to higher standards. I trust you will continue to guide us through the morass of deviousness which is the election and will provide a true unbiased analysis for the discerning reader.

Again my apologies for commenting in thieving Anglo Normanish. I hope to through off the slave tongue in the future.

Turgon said...

I hope to throw off I meant. However, I see that already I am losing the ability to write in the slave language. Soon I like Ulster will be free. We are all Professor greatly in your debt.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ma thankins fur yer comments Turgon, Ah wud respond, but Ah dinnae unnerstawn a wurd ye say in thon strange dialect.

Anonymous said...

I thout it was quarne gud, so I did. Theres nawt like a wee black bra strap for till take yur mind off palitix which is what they wurat. So they were. But these things is all made coss the watter for youll nat get a wee lassie from here till show ya her bra strap. less its down Battanic avnew near thon Queens an they do it fer badness till get ya arraested if ya luk awkward at them.

Anonymous said...

thon's quare crack- but they hadnae any Union Jacks in thon hoose, nor a Bible on the coffee table. An if he only get up at echt, how's he goin tae get til his Lodge meetin? The only way ye wud know they are oor sort is that they dinny hae any wains