Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A very short one: McWilliams denies being dirty auld git..

From the BBC North Antrim an' Larne Newsdesk.

"A tap Ulster Scots academic named on Twitter as havin' an injunction thing o'er the heid o' supposedly shaggin' some reality TV cuddy has been named in Stormount as Professor Billy McWilliams. The academic was named unner a rule that lets MLAs an' the like say whitiver they want in Stormount, even if it is a feed o' shite. 

Spakin' through his letter bax at his spacious hame near Lenaderg, Professor McWilliams denied the allegations. "Ah dinnae even listen til thon Big Bro'er brock on the wireless" he claimed, "Ah alsae dinnae ken whit a super injunction is, is it some kine o' cacktail?" Pressed further on the matter, he made the followin' admission. "Tae be fair, Ah've seen the wee cuddy in the paper an' she's a quare wee yoke, so she is. Ah might, ye ken, if she asked nicely."

The super injunction was issued in the high coort after upwards o' three folk on Twitter named Professor McWilliams as being the academic at the centre o' the allegations. Professor McWilliams claims he "Knaes where they live an' will have them shat."

Professor McWilliams made o'er 600 appearances for Manchester United on FIFA 95 for the old Playstation 1, makin' him one o' the teams most decorative players."

Twitter is a social nat wurkin' thing that allows paliticians an' the like til annoy ye even when they arnae at a computer."

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Cynic said...

Ah wud defen 'y to the hilt on this wan, Professor.

Spakin personally, Ballymena these days is full o' yang females wi it all hanging oot. Painted jezabells wi their lugs and bellies shawing a' the first drap o' sunshine.

Any true Pratestant man must be blind affronted by this naked display o' flesh which is designed tae set the pulses racin and bring tae the surface desires last satisified duing a quick grope roun the bak of an Orange Hall on the 12th of July 1987 an fur which I am still tortured by remorse and pursued by the CSA.

It's an unfair world where, fur wan mistake, a man puts his immartal soul in hock tae a wee strumpet fra Cullybackey who after 14 years is still living high on the hog wile I do all the payin and wi nane of the consellations of tha marital state if ye get ma drift