Sunday, 31 July 2011

Down with this surt of thing.

From the BBC Aist Ards Desk. 

Thousands turn up til celebrate Ballyhalbert's Big Jessie Pride Parade.

A fair clatter o' folk lined the streets of Ballyhalbert city centre for the annual Big Jessie Pride parade on Saturday.
Now in its 21st year, the Ballyhalbert parade is claimed til be the smallest o' its kind in Ireland an largely ignored in the UK.
Massive religious protests by nutters were held along the route but the organisers of the parade said it was good for Ballyhalbert.
They said they hid went til significant lengths to make it 'family friendly'. This means they got a rake o' bouncy castles in.
The parade kicked aff a number of events over the weekend includin' a massive drinkin' session on Sunday.


Cynic said...

Ah see fram the pictures that Ballyhalbert has fully lived up tae ma expectations in the nutter count. Still, if they thaught that the marchers were the wrang soort of hameosexuals (ie same o'themuns} mair might hae turned out to shout and carry on. I just hape that God noticed or thoseuns are gonna be while disappointed in a few years time

Cynic said...

By the way, why have all these guys got it in for the Men of Sodom but not, it seems, the daughters of Gemorrah?

Cynic said...

Its wile quiet in here

Cynic said...

Dear Professor McWilliams

Yer loyal fans are gettin wurried about yur apparent disappearance on this site.

Various rumours is circulatin in pubs in mid Antrim attributing this tae a range of possible causes.

Same suggest that it may be down tae some dispute wi the polis after an over indulgance on the Twelfth which has led tae yur incarceration.

Aithers claim tae have seen your picture distributed by the Metropolitin Police in London, photographed lootin Fortnum & Masons emporium on a FlyBe Away A Day Riot special fare trip tae the fair capital of the United Kingdom and believe that ye are on the run and wanted across Europe.

A few - and I stress that it is a very few - belaive that ye may have been 'taken' by Aliens attracted tae this planet by the excessive amount of carbon dioxide we now produce. Personally I dinae give this theory much creedence and think it mair likely that they wud have been attracted by the smell of fresh Veda at McWilliams Towers.

Personally I suspect that like the raist of us ye may just be bein forced tae endure twa weeks with the wife and family in Benidorm, drinking cheap Spanish lager and aitin all that foreign muck and pretending yer having a great time for teh sake of martial harmony and the chance of getting soome if ya behave yurself.

In any caise your followers air concerned, waish ye well.