Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Phone Hacking - MLAs to quiz McWilliams.

Frae the BBC Aughnacloy Newsdesk.

Heid Yin of 1690 an all thon, Professor Billy McWilliams, and his assistant Dr Wullie McIlveen will be quizzed by Stormount MLAs later on about a phone hacking scandal.

The pair are expected to be questioned about what they knew about the phone hacking at 1690 an all thon, a website that publishes Ulster Scots related pish. It is the first time that Professor McWilliams has appeared before MLAs although he did once bare his arse near Edwin Poots and was lifted about something involving wikilaiks a while back, though what it was we can't remember.

It is understood that a variety of allegations have been made about the top Academics.

  • That they hacked into Lovely Lesley Macaulay's mobile phone, deleting messages and leaving new ones that were wild rude. 
  • In addition they hacked the phones of between 12 and 8000 top Ulster celebrities including the Big Lord Laird of Artigarvin, Rose Neill aff the news, Cecilia Daly and yer man Keith Burnside that used to do the Police 6 thing years ago on the UTV.
  • That a laptap containing durty pictures was found in a bin near Dr McIlveen's house. He says he threw it out after a particularly heavy Buckfast session and that any durty pictures on it were put there by Professor McWilliams.
  • That McWilliams has been getting photies of Ulster celebrities and the like, such as the one used to illustrate this article, and doctoring them using crap software he found on the internet, as well as making crude amateurish versions of party political broadcasts.
  • That they have made up a language for the sole purpose of getting grants.
  • That McWilliams has wasted the time of civil servants and business folk by sending in spurious applications to try to get small Ulster villages declared UK city of culture, the World Cup at Chimney Corner, Ian Paisley on Radio 2's Thought for the Day, gigantic bottles of Buckfast erected in Larne and Google to provide an Ulster Scots translation service.
  • That McWilliams is in fact not an academic, has been making up historical things, and that McIlveen is a figment of his imagination.
The handsome and dashing Professor McWilliams vehemently denies the allegations and has refused to close down the his so called website. Speaking near a field he stated "Ah vehemently deny these allegerations, an' refuse fur til close doon ma so calt website."

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Cynic said...

the ainly respectable Ulster Scots way tae hack a phone is with a ceremonial sward barrowed fur the purpose from a Parade Marshall