Friday, 26 June 2009

Drinkin' games

Unusally ah'm fur a Friday nicht update. Mrs McWilliams is at the Anahilt Presbyterian Ladies nicht oot, an wee Billy is at his nanny's, laivin' me wi' nathin else tae dae except lie aroun' in ma undergarments tryin' tae resist the temptation o' websites the likes o' "Busty Ballymena" (When Braid Gurls git Bad).

Thus ah wis googlin' away, researchin histerical an enviromental matters, when ah came across this site - Re: Cycle Bicycle aid fur Africans . A guid cause yil agree, but whit gat me wis thar clever way o' usin' the Re: an' stickin it wi the cycle. Fur ye see it's aboot cycles and aboot recyclin'. Pure genius. This ploy shud be used by mair folk, ah wish ah'd thunk o' it messel, fur ah wud o' called this site Re:Ballicks.

Howiver it led me oan til thinkin' an' ah hiv invented til messel a braw new drinkin' game. Ah micht copyrite it, but fur the noo its called the "Make up charities an' the like wi' Re: in the name wile quick or else drink a shot o' Wullie McIlveens home made rocket fuel game". Note ye must discribe the group, an' it his tae be a real wurd, an' Irish is barred.

Ah will giv' some examples below, fur things that ah made up, fur ah hiv nathin' better til dae.

Made up things wi' Re: in them

Re: Peat - The support netwurk fur Turf Diggers.

Re: Lax - Lazy Folk Anonymous.

(Ye git the idea noo?)

Re: Populate - Anti-Condom Protest Society

Re: Member - The male ex porn star's support group.

Re: Port - Fur themuns wha live in Larne.

Re: Flex - the national union fur electricians.

Re: Putable - The Society fur Placin' Wee Things Wile Careful.

Re: Cant - The Viagra Users Association

Re: Pent - National Society fur People who cannae Control thar Anger.

Re: Late -

Re: Publican - Derry Vintners Club.

Re: Invigorate - the social club fur the girls frae "Busty Ballymena".

Ah'm sure yis kin think oan mair. Fur noo ah'm aff til Busty Ballymena, fur til see if thy'on big gurl frae the Mace is oan the nicht. Fur research puposes oany. But she is big.


Roabert McGantry said...

Re:Light My Fire Is a Broughshane chairity raisin moaney tae bring Dan Hartman over tae put a match tae the eleventh nicht bonfire.
Ah wud propose that this is a worthy cause indeed.

Roabert McGantry said...

...if it wusnae fer the fect the boy's deid...

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Indaid, an' taeday ah'm fur a fun run in aid o' Re:veal, the support group for folk wha like atin' calfs.

Anonymous said...

Ah'm a member af Re:wind fur ah kin fart backwards.

Anonymous said...

Ah'm a raider af Re:Mount. Tis a buk fer gays who canai get enuf.

Albert Crockett said...

Personilly ah'm a fan o' Re:Plant, the secret diary o' a specil branch officer circa 1976

Anonymous said...

Re:assemble tis monthly advice fur tae Norn Iron Assembly. Pity they dunnae raid it.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ah missed this rake o' comment, fur ah wis at a maitin' o' Re:Lapse the Support Netwurk for ex priests. Some guid charities there.

Tae the most racent anonymous, they did raid it, an tuk away a rake o' computers ah saim tae mind.

Anonymous said...

Taedae Im doin a sponsered walk fur Re:Lent, tae help fowk wha give things up at Easter.

Manuel said...

re:alist website fer top folk from the entertainin' industry, Tom Cruise and folk like that there

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

In thy'on case Re: blist cud nearly be fur ex big braither hoosemates wha vote fur the Shinners.

Old Knudsen said...


The Presbyterian method of saving the gheys by use of Scripture.

Professor Billy McWilliams said...

Ah thunk that yin wis Re:Buttle

An Re:Turn wis the oe'r sort

ellie said...

Re: tire, to gain weight after a period of dieting.