Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Shinner Broadcast 2011

Jays but these broadcasts are hard tae keep up wi'. Ah am sorry fur ma failure til maintain wi' ma pubic service remit, Ah shud his hid this thing up a week ago, ut as mentioned before,Ah spilt beer all o'er the affice laptap. Anyhow Ah hiv duly added subtitles fur the hard o' thinkin' an in daein sae noticed a mair than passin' resemblence til last years yin. Ye kin decide fur yerselves whither paliticians jist keep feedin' us the same auld shite o'er an' o'er.

O'er matters.

Lovely Lesley won the pole, an so she shud. Ah hape thit this is a sign o' future election success roun' the corner. Howiver Jim McDonald remains incarcerated in the Big Hoose, somethin' must be done. By somebudy.

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jpg said...

Your lovely ladies contest was a fix! In good Sinn Fein tradition I voted early and often for Michelle but your website wouldnt allow multiple votes - disgracefull! I even pretended to be my dead granny and that didnt work either -Democracy is dead!